23-24 Club Day Schedule

23-24 Club Day Schedule
Red Week
Club Location Sponsor
1st Period    
FCA Auditorium C. Richardson
2nd Period    
SWAT Bld 19 Rm 906 (Kaz's Rm) Kazmierczak
Drama Bld 1 Rm 109 (Gerard's Rm) Gerard/ K. Davis
Gifted Adult Ed. Ruis
Debate Bobcat Rm (Library) Gernhard/ Brenda Davis
Black Heritage Bld 20 Rm 107 (McGee's Rm) McGee
3rd Period    
Art Bld 1 Rm 105 (Schutt's Rm) Schutt
ASL Bld 1 Rm 117 (Coleman's Rm) Coleman
Youth Power Library Lambright
4th Period    
FFA Auditorium K. Gainey/ B. Staier
STEM Bld 1 Rm 005 (Odom's Rm) Kazmierczak/Odom
Student Senate Bld 20 Rm 211 (Crummey's Rm) Crummey
5th Period    
Peer Mediation Library A. Combs
6th Period (1:12-2:10)    
Explorers Bld 20 Rm 207 (Hawkins Rm) Hawkins
BETA Auditorium Bullard/ Crummey
FEA Bobcat Rm. (Library) Willoughby
Student Safety Portable 1238 (Boatright's Rm) Boatright
**Students MUST check-in with their teacher prior to going to a club meeting**
Club Days are: 9/20 (Early Out), 10/31, 12/22, 3/14, 4/24 (Early Out)