What will your student athlete need to participate in sports at BCMS?


1) FHSAA Physical-

-Good for one calendar year from the doctor's signature and date of exam. It must be submitted to  PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT A PAPER COPY TO BCMS. IT MUST BE SUBMITTED TO unless you have spoken to Ms.Cassidy and made other arrangements AT LEAST ONE WEEK BEFORE TRYOUTS BEGIN.

-FHSAA Physical

2) BCMS Athletic Paperwork

-Complete all necessary Athletic Paperwork through the Home Campus database at:

-Please remember that all information must be filled out and athletes cannot participate in clinics, summer workouts/conditioning, or try out until ALL the information is completed, including insurance information and the three safety video certificates uploaded in

3) What is FHSAA?

-FHSAA is our athletic governing body for the state of Florida

- This is a great place for parents to check rules, athletic eligibility, and other requirements.

4) What is Home Campus Athletic Clearance?

- Home Campus is a website where parents digitally upload and complete their student athlete's athletic clearance paperwork.