Baker County Education Foundation Mini-Grant Recipients

2021-2022 Mini-Grants

 The Baker County Education Foundation would like to congratulate the following individuals on receiving a mini-grant.  A total of $24,839.92 was awarded. Our students will benefit from their hard work. 

 Jackie Vickers, Kaley Rogers, Kimbra Lane, Sonja St. John, Shelly Rhoden, Leigh Ann Kennon     Pre-K/Kindergarten Center     Mathematicians in the Making   $750.00
 Amanda Dunnington     Pre-K/Kindergarten Center     Let's get Technical!     $750.00
 Kimber Thigpen     Pre-K/Kindergarten Center     Technology at Our Fingertips!     $750.00
 Julia Ugartechea     Pre-K/Kindergarten Center     Differentiated Word Work Drawers     $330.65
 Kimbra Lane     Pre-K/Kindergarten Center     STEAMing Into Kindergarten     $752.94
 Ridge Horne     Macclenny Elementary School     Mileage Club     $541.91
 Crystal Cabral     Keller Intermediate School      Hand-2-Mind: "Do or Do Not, There Is No Try"     $701.99
 Harli McCullough     Keller Intermediate School     Hand-2Mind: "All HANDS ON Deck!"     $745.72
 Kristina Akins     Baker County Middle School     Back To Nature     $244.61
 Krystal Gainey     Baker County Middle School     Becoming "Eggcelent" Readers Through Inquiry in Agriscience     $750.00
 Norma Deneese Mixon     Baker County High School     HEADSETS for SUCCESS!     $349.07
 Ruth Roman     Baker County High School     Reading or Talking in Spanish is a Piece of Cake!     $448.50
 Franklin Griffis     Baker County High School     Outdoor Reading & Learning Center     $750.00
 Scott Register     CATS Academy     CATS Academy Garden Project     $750.00
 Bonnie Jones     Pre-K/Kindergarten Center     "Egg"celling Literacy With Reading Eggs     $2,000.00
 Sandra Goodwin     Macclenny Elementary School     Taking the Mystery Out of Science     $1,499.00
 Cheryl Rhoden (2nd & 3rd Grade Teachers)     Westside Elementary School     Secret Phonics Stories: Cracking the Code Phase II     $1,905.75
 Kelley Murphy     Westside Elementary School     Adventure Pals Pix & Flix     $1,607.69
 Brandi Staier, Naomi Anderson     Baker County Middle School     "Just Right" Practice and Progress Monitoring     $2,000.00
 April "Kirsty" West     Baker County Middle School     Small Groups and Big Kids     $2,468.09
 Autumn Keeling     Baker County High School     Old English Becomes Modern English     $845.00
 Andrea Smith     Baker County High School     Lexia PowerUp Literacy     $2,000.00
 Donna Ruis     Keller Intermediate School Homebase     A Virtual Experience in the World of Avanti     $1,899.00