Baker County Education Foundation Membership Drive




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The Baker County Education Foundation (BCEF) is so very fortunate to have members who have invested in our students and community throughout the past 30 years!  Did you know that 44% of our school staff contributes to the Baker County Education Foundation through payroll deductions? This is amazing!!!  

This year the BCEF has set a goal to have at least 50% of our staff contributing in payroll deductions.  Each year we ask every employee to contribute from $1.00 to $5.00 per paycheck to support the Foundation. 

The Foundation contributes each year to Teacher Mini-Grants, School-Wide Grants, District-Wide Grants, Credit Recovery Grants, Dropout Prevention Grants, Student Scholarships for graduating seniors, and Prior-Graduate Scholarships.  Last year the Foundation gave a total of $72,310.00 within these listed areas. Contributions from our employees helped make this possible.  

In an effort to raise our participation in payroll contributions, we are reaching out to all of our employees.  If you do not already contribute, please consider joining us.  For further information on payroll deductions, please contact Shirley Crawford at 904-259-0428.