Important Equity and Title IX Information

  • Important Equity and Title IX Information

    Associate Superintendent, Mrs. Robin Mobley (, is designated as the Baker County School District’s Equity Plan Coordinator. Employees, students, applicants for employment, parents, and citizens having questions concerning the act or its implementation, may contact the Coordinator at the School Board Office, 270 South Boulevard East, Macclenny, Florida or call (904) 259- 0401. Title lX Coordinator – Robin Mobley (904) 259-0401; Title ll Coordinator – Allen Murphy (904) 259-0401; Section 504 Coordinator – Michael Green (904) 259-7825.

    The school-level Equity and Title IX Coordinator is the principal of the school, Mr. Johnnie Jacobs (, 1 Wildcat Drive, Glen St. Mary, FL 32040 (904) 259-6286.