• Acclerated Reader has a special feature called Renaissance Home Connect which allows you to share in the educational experience by viewing progress inAccelerated Reader and STAR while outside of school. You can select  "Email Setup" to receive emails showing your student's quiz or test results. You can access  "Help" to get answers to your questions about Renaissance Home Connect. You can view Renaissance Home Connect from any computer with an Internet connection.

    Renaissance Home Connect Website:         
    User Name: First Initial and 1st four letters of Last Name (for Ann Sample it would be: ASAMP)
    Password: Last Five Digits of Student ID #
    If your child is a Student Assistant please contact Mrs. Rebecca Lambright in the Media Center. She will set you up to receive e-mails every time your child takes an AR test.
    AR BookFinder
    Click this link to look up AR Books.
    Click this link for the Library Card Catalog.