What is PBIS?

  • PBIS stands for Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports. It is a multi-tiered system that we use in the Baker County School District to teach students how to replace negative behaviors with positive ones.

    Each school has their own PBIS expectations. At Macclenny Elementary, our expectations are: 

      1. I Will Be prepared to learn.
      2. I Will Be in control.
      3. I Will Be respectful.
      4. I Will Be a problem solver.


    Storytime with the PBIS Expectations!

    ** I Will Be Respectful

    Ricky, the Rock Who Wanted to Roll!

    Follow this story to learn about Ricky.  He wanted to be just like his rock friends.  However, he soon learned that be different is what makes everyone special!  Ricky's friends learn to appreciate and respect Ricky's differences.

    ** I Will Be a Problem Solver!

     Tess, the Tin that Wanted to Rock

    Maddie the rock becomes lost in this story. The rock friends are scared and worried.  Tess didn't think she could help, but she was the one who saved the day!  Follow along as Tess becomes a problem solver!