A Path to High Wages and Quality Lifestyle


    Dear Parents and Students:

          Career and Technical Education (CTE) is the new and improved version of what was once termed “vocational education.” Today’s high school training programs provide students project-based learning and problem solving practice in industry-aligned training labs, connections with post-secondary (college) training partners, and opportunities to work closely with business and industry. Baker County High School offers the following career and technical training programs aligned with the region’s workforce needs:

    • Agri-Science Technology                    
    • Automotive Service Technology         
    • Business Administration                    
    • Criminal Justice                                 
    • Culinary Operations                            
    • Digital Media     
    • Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management  
    • Health Science
    • Horticulture
    • Interior Design
    • Teacher Cadet – Education Training
    • Television & Video Production                                

          While students typically do not make a firm career decision while still in high school, research shows that students who participate in career training programs in high school have better school attendance and higher academic success than students who do not participate in career training (MRC, 2000). Other value-added outcomes for students who participate in CTE programs include:

    • Earning the Bright Futures Gold Seal Scholarship
    • Earning certification or licensure that industry recognizes for immediate employment placement and/or equates to free college credit
    • Completing CTE courses that articulate to advance training at three area colleges and
    • Leadership development opportunities through state Career & Technical Student Organizations.

         Further, the school district maintains partnerships with the regional workforce board and area industry partners as a means of keeping CTE programs up-to-date in providing students with the skills that employers are looking for in future employees. Career specialists and guidance counselors are on staff to help students navigate a career path beyond high school.

         Career and technical education can help students build a clear path to high wage careers and a quality lifestyle. I encourage parents and students to begin planning early.

    Best regards,

    Ann Watts

    Director, CTE