The vision statement for Baker County High School is “Preparing individuals to be lifelong learners, self-sufficient, and responsible citizens of good character.” As our community and world change, our school must change to continue to meet that vision. In the coming decades, many careers will require people to be problem solvers who are skilled in math, science, and even engineering.

    The Florida Department of Education, along with many other educational organizations, is in the process of implementing an initiative to address this need. This effort is called STEM. The acronym stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. STEM is the interdisciplinary application of Science and Math with the integration of technology and engineering processes to solve problems.

    At BCHS, we offer many subjects and programs that teach science, technology, and math; however, STEM requires that programs facilitate the integration and application of these subjects in a problem solving setting. The department of education has identified programs that meet the goals of STEM. The Agritechnology Program at BCHS is one of the programs that meets the challenging criteria of STEM. In the coming years, more STEM programs will be offered at BCHS to meet the future needs of our community.

    For more information about STEM, please contact your BCHS Guidance Counselor.