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    Baker County Pre-K/Kindergarten Center is home to over 640 pre-k and kindergarten students. Our facility serves the needs of all pre-k and kindergarten students for the entire district. There are 21 kindergarten classes, 2 self contained Exceptional Student Education classes, 6 full day, and 2 half day pre-k classes. Baker County Pre-K/Kindergarten Center is unique in that it is the only pre-k/kindergarten center in Northeast Florida! 

    We value the input of parents, faculty, staff and the community and take pride in providing a warm, nurturing and safe school climate. Baker County Pre-K/Kindergarten Center is preparing a “garden” of children where growing and learning begin….and continue. We grow and teach the whole child, providing high academic and socio-emotional goals. Our school recently conducted a parent survey in May of 2023. We scored high marks in providing a safe learning environment, meeting the individual needs of each student, keeping families informed of student progress and being aware of our school’s purpose and vision.  Below are some of the survey comments given when Kinderkitten families were asked what they liked best about Baker County Pre-K/Kindergarten Center:

    paw print The teachers are excellent and the staff is always friendly.  My children love the PKK Center!

    paw print I love that our school feels like family.  All of the teachers and administrators are all very passionate.  It’s not just a job to them. The love and attention our boys are shown, reflects in attitudes every day.  

    paw print I like that the teachers work together and seem to care about children.

    paw print My daughter has improved dramatically over the year in Pre-K class and we couldn’t be happier.  We are looking forward to starting Kindergarten there as well.

    paw print I have been overwhelmingly impressed by the staff.  I am always greeted with respect, the teachers always have a smile on their face and seem to have genuine love for their students.  

    paw print Parents have a lot of opportunities to be a part of their child’s academic journey.

    paw print Everyone seems to be great team players and I think that is what makes the school so successful.  I love that my son’s teachers care about him as an individual. I know they have his best interest at heart and are helping him to develop both academically and socially.

    paw print Everyone from the cafeteria workers, the principal, school nurse, my daughter’s teachers, library, computers, P.E.staff is welcoming with smiles and just overall happiness.  The family oriented, loving and caring atmosphere.

    paw print Sometimes with working families with more than 2 children like mine, it’s hard to give each child the attention that they need.  In this school, the teachers are able to cater to our child’s needs. I love the fact that my child loves school and is so eager to learn more and more every day.  When she comes home from school she is always excited about her day and is very eager to tell me what she learned in school.

    paw print They treat my child as one of their own.  They are always polite and respectful and make sure my daughter’s learning needs are met.  

    paw print My favorite thing about his school is that everyone on staff is always in a cheerful mood.  I think it is a great reflection of the school and shows in the behavior of the students. A great work environment leads to success, and I believe that this school is doing a terrific job.  

    Meeting the individual academic and socio-emotional needs of each pre-k and kindergarten student is our focus. Multi-tiered systems of support are provided for students through small group instruction, intervention, and enrichment in order to help students reach their goals and exceed them.  

    Kindergarten students are well prepared for the first grade. An average of 90% of our kindergarten students mastered the Florida Standards benchmark assessment. Student progress is monitored and data is analyzed. That data is then used to drive student instruction on a consistent basis.

    Parents participate at a high level, making many programs and activities possible. Celebrations and programs such as the annual fall carnival, Veterans Day Celebration, S.T.E.M. Day, annual art auction, curriculum nights, class plays and productions on stage, spring fling, and graduation celebrations are made possible by active community support. Baker County Pre-K/Kindergarten Center partners with several community members and receives much support from the following entities: L.D. Bradley Surveyers, Macclenny Nursing and Rehab, Wal-Mart, Winn-Dixie, Dollar General, Burger King, Wendy's, Valu-Teachers, Lockeed Martin, Raiford Road Church, Faith Bible Church, Hodges Produce, and Davis Oil/ExxonMobil.  


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