• Student Data Privacy

    The Baker County School District is committed to protecting student data that is shared with trusted 3rd party software services. We have a very strict policy that does not allow the sharing of student data unless a data sharing agreement is established for each service that requires data. In order to better manage and keep track of the data sharing agreements, we are partnered with the "Access4Learning - Student Data Privacy Consortium". It is a non-profit organization that was established to help school districts (nationwide) with the arduous task of managing such agreements.

    All of these agreements can be viewed and are publicly available by clicking on the link below:

    Student Data Privacy Consortium - BAKER

    If you are a 3rd party software or educational service that requires the sharing of student data for your product to operate, we cannot and will not allow any data to be shared until we have a signed DPA (Data Privacy Agreement) from the organization that made the product and/or service. Here is a link to a blank that you can fill out so that we can begin the vetting process for the purpose of student data privacy: