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    The Leaving a Legacy Scholarship Dinner was canceled last year due to COVID. We have rescheduled this event for March 18, 2021. For those who purchased tickets last year, those tickets are still valid.

    The Baker County Education Foundation will be recognizing Ms. Paula T. Barton, Mr. Tim Thrift, and Mrs. Judy Webb. These individuals have made great contributions to the Baker County School District.

    Ms. Barton retired from the Baker County School District with 34 years of service. She served as a classroom teacher, Dean of Students, Assistant Principal, Community Education Coordinator and Superintendent. She currently is serving as a school board member. Mr. Tim Thrift was a social studies teacher at Baker County High School. He retired with a total of 34 years of service and became known as one of the most favorite teachers of all time. Mrs. Judy Webb worked as a bus driver with the Transportation Department. She retired with 30 years of service. She safely transported hundreds of children daily. These individuals have given many years of great service to the Baker County School District.  

    The Leaving a Legacy Scholarship Steak Dinner will be held on Thursday, March 18th, at 6:30 p.m. We have moved this event to Macclenny Elementary School. Tickets are on sale for $30 per person. All tickets must be purchased prior to the day of the event. Due to the change of the location for this event, limited tickets are available. We anticipate that this event will sell out, so purchase your tickets early. For further information or to purchase tickets, please contact the Superintendent's Office at 259-0428. Proceeds from this event will be used for student scholarships.

  • The Baker County Education Foundation Mini-Grant Recipients were presented checks at their school sites recently. A total of $24,194.22 was awarded. We would like to congratulate these teachers and principals on receiving these grants. Our students will benefit from their hard work. 


    JoAnna Anderson    Macclenny Elementary School    Reading Rescue - $743.97

    Charles Navarra    Westside Elementary School    Guided Reading Resources - $653.84

    Jana Kazmierczak    Keller Intermediate School    Helping Students Focus - $632.68

    Kristina Akins    Baker County Middle School    Improving Behavior and Academics Through Gaming - $437.33

    Jacob Anderson    Baker County Middle School    Virtual Reality-Learning Through a New Pair of Eyes - $749.98

    Crystal Austin    Baker County Middle School    Austin Publishing - $267.29

    Crystal Austin    Baker County Middle School    Classroom Projector Project - $175.96

    Rachaelle Melton    Baker County Middle School    Feeling the Gap - $719.92

    Scott Register    CATS Academy    CATS Academy Job Study - $743.09

    Kimbra Lane    Pre-K/Kindergarten Center    My Classroom Is A Zoo! - $1,985.00

    Jackie Vickers, Kimbra Lane, Sonja St. John    Pre-K/Kindergarten Center    Rising Stars - $1,890.00

    Lynn Green    Macclenny Elementary School    Kami - $1,485.00

    Debbie Fraser, Kelly Murphy    Westside Elementary School     Adventure Pals in Action - $2,000.00

    Jennifer Payne    Keller Intermediate School    Virtual Learning Assistance - $1,951.48

    Naomi Anderson    Baker County Middle School    Removing the Barriers - $2,100.00

    Emily Clevenger    Baker County Middle School    Your Future is Bright! Career Fair - $2000.00

    Staci Staples    Baker County High School    Media Center CPR - $1,999.84

    Tina Bradley    Family Service Center    "Protect the Hearts You Love" - $1,711.19

    Donna Ruis    Keller Intermediate/Home base     Students Animation: An Avenue to Promote Creativity and Learning - $1,947.65


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BCEF 2019-2020 Annual Report

    2019-20 ANNUAL REPORT

    The Baker County Education Foundation had another great year in 2019-20! The Foundation provided $38,850.00 for student scholarships, $3,000.00 for a prior graduate scholarships, $22,128.11 in grants for teachers and schools, and $17,685.50 for special projects. A total of $81,663.61 was awarded in 2019-20.

    During the last 31 years, the Foundation, a non-profit organization, has funded 727 student scholarships, 186 employee and/or prior graduate scholarships, 489 grants for teachers and schools, and 51 special projects, totaling $1,346,793.46. A tremendous amount of this was made possible through payroll deduction by school employees.

    The Baker County Education Foundation was originally founded in 1989 with school district employees being the original contributors through payroll deductions.  Payroll contributions remains the main source of funding for the Foundation.  The number of employees contributing to the Foundation has grown each year with a total of 310 employees contributing during the 2019-2020 year and giving a total of $18,108.50.  The generosity of our school employees throughout the district, which includes instructional, non-instructional, and administrative personnel, has enabled our Foundation to be a great success in our community.

    The main goal of the Baker County Education Foundation is to promote quality education. Through the years, a number of organizations, business partners, individual donors and families have participated in helping the Foundation achieve these goals. The Foundation is very proud of the accomplishments it has achieved through their support and financial contributions.

    If you are a contributor, we hope that you will continue your support of the Foundation. If you are not involved, please consider becoming a member this year. You will be supporting the development of our greatest assets, our children. Also, the Foundation benefits from the purchase of specialty education vehicle tags. A portion of the tag sale is returned to the Foundation.

    Again we thank all of our supporters of the Baker County Education Foundation.  We contribute our success to the commitment that each of you have given to our organization. Our employees have made us what we are today!

                           REMEMBER, YOUR CONTRIBUTION IS TAX DEDUCTIBLE!              
        Educ Promoting Educational Partnerships Between The Home, The School, and The Community Educ

Take Stock in Children

  •  Take Stock in Children (TSIC) provides tuition scholarships to attend Florida Gateway College for selected eighth graders whose families meet the income guidelines for free or reduced lunch. Students must reside in the county where they are applying. Student applications are provided to eighth grade students around April of each year.

    Students receiving scholarships must agree to: 
    Stay off drugs
    Stay crime free
    Maintain at least a 2.5 grade point average
    Maintain good citizenship both in and out of school
    Meet with their assigned Mentor each week at school
    Attend and participate in TSIC events, as required


    To learn more about this scholarship opportunity or how to become a Mentor, please visit


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    The Baker County Education Foundation, Inc. is a member of the Consortium of Florida Education Foundations (CFEF). This organization provides support through matching grant funding.

  • Tag

    For every educational specialty license plate purchased in Baker County, the Baker County Education Foundation, Inc. receives $20 from the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles.

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