Degrees and Certifications:

Julia Rhoden, BSN, RN

K.I.S. Nurse

(904) 259 0303 clinic

(904) 259 3771 fax

If your child has a medical condition or allergy, please contact Nurse Julia. 

Hand washing steps
  • exclamation mark It is imperative that we have the most up to date parent/guardian contact information for our students on file. If you have a change of address or phone number please contact our front office so the changes can be made to your students contact information.  


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  • medication bottle Prescription medication may be brought to school and given to clinic personnel to be administered only when it is a necessity and under the following conditions.

    1. Parent/guardian must sign and completely fill out a "Parent Request for Administering Medication at School" form. All medication must be delivered to and picked up from the school by an adult.

    2. The medication prescribed for the student must be in its original container labeled with the following (You may need to ask your pharmacy for an extra labeled empty bottle for school):

    • Students name
    • Name of medication
    • Directions concerning the dosage
    • Time of day to be given
    • Date of prescription and name of the pharmacy
    • Name of prescribing physician 

    3. Nonprescription medication will only be administered if accompanied with a physicians order. OTC medication includes but is not limited to Tylenol,  Ibuprofen and or cough drops. Click here to download and print the physicians order form.

    4. All medication forms shall be renewed at the beginning of every school year or as the medication prescription changes. 

    5. Students who require the use of an inhaler or EpiPen may carry it with them during the day.However, it must be properly labeled and a note from the physician and parent requesting the student to self carry must be on file in the nurse's office. (Please refer to #3 for the physicians order form.) Students must be able to demonstrate proper use of the inhaler or EpiPen before they are allowed to self carry. 


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  • allergy alert If your student has a food allergy, please click here. Download and print the form. The Parent/Guardian is to fill out the top portion and have the students pediatrician complete the middle section. Please return the form to the school nurse as quickly as possible so the cafeteria can be notified and proper actions taken by school nurse to insure student safety while on campus.


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  • Drs notepad Throughout the school year, you may find the need for your child to visit their doctor, dentist, etc. during school hours. If you find this to be the case, please ask for a written excuse for the absence, early check out, or tardy. If the student is to have any limitations (no gym or recess, limited electronic access, etc.) please make sure that these restrictions are in writing from the physician as well. If the student is to be excused from physical activity there must also be a date that the student can return to regualr activity. It is imparitive that the doctors notes are turned in as soon as possible and the best way to make sure that they are addressed is to have your child bring them directly to the clinic upon arrival to school. Per district policy the notes must be turned in to the school within 5 days of the doctors visit.


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  • tiger glasses At this age students will usually gain 2 inches of height each year. With every 2 inches of height gained the structure of the eye changes as well. We have found that this is a crucial time for eye exams. Vision screenings are performed every September and parents are notified as soon as possible. (No news is good news) Vision screenings are the ONLY health screenings performed at KIS. If you feel the need for a hearing test and/or BMI check please contact the clinic. If you do not want your child to participate in the vision screening, please notify the school in writing. 


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  • boy & girl The Baker County Health Department (BCHD) and the Baker County School System want to help students gain the skills needed for emotional growth and maturity as they reach adolescence and puberty. Every year, a one hour class is presented to all fifth grade students (girls and boys are separated) pertaining to puberty and character building. Two registered nurses teach the class that consists of a lecture/video and activities. The objective is to provide essential age appropriate education along with character development activities. Parents will receive a letter prior to the class containing a detailed outline of the lecture as well as the date for parent night. This is an opportunity for parents and guardians to review the material and ask questions. After attending parent night, if you should wish for your child not to participate in this education program, please notify the school in writing.


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