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    Phlebotomy Training 

    Evening classes, 10 Weeks to National Certification

    New Classes to be announced

     Training & Clinical Practice

    • Classes are offered Tuesday & Thursday evenings, 5 PM -9 PM ( Dates to be announced)
    • Training classes are held at the Adult  Career & Training and Testing Center loacated at 212 South Blvd Macclenny, FL. 32063
    • Clinical practice To Be Determined
    • Successful students will earn the national Phlebotomy Certification through the National Healthcare Association


    While classes are in the evening, clinical practies sessions are only available on certain dates during the day. 

     Enrollment Requirements

    • Complete a program application, pay all program cost and successfully complete all enrollment requirements by (Date to be announced)
    • Must be 18 years or older
    • Negative Drug Screen 
    • Level II Background Screening, 
    • TB Tier 2 Test
    • Meet Florida residency requirements ( or pay out of state tuition rates)

    Program Cost - (To be announced)

    • Includes tuition, text book, lab supplies, drug screening, back ground check, TB test and the National certification testing fee

    ******* In addition to program cost, medical uniforms/scrubs are required and are not included in program cost*******