2023-2024 BCMS School Planner Information

  • The school planner can be a very effective communication tool linking teachers and parents! Planners are required for all students. The cost for each student is $5.00. Depending on availability, replacement cost for a lost planner will be $7.00 for each student for the first replacement. Every other replacement planner after that will cost $10.00.

    Planner pages should not be folded in half or removed from the planner. Each teacher will place the week’s assignments on the board on Monday. Students should copy the schedule into their planners at that time. Parents are encouraged to examine the planner regularly for communication with the teachers.

    If extenuating circumstances require that a student be allowed more bathroom passes than provided by the planner and between-class breaks, a doctor’s note to that effect must be placed on file in the school nurse’s office. Planners are used for the entire school year.

    Please refer to the file link above to review the school specific information on pages 1 through 31 of the student planner.