Our District

  • Our Community - Small but Proud!

    With 585 square miles of beautiful rural living and a population of 27,000 (2014 data), Baker County is a wonderful place to live, work, and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of country living and small community.


    Facts at a Glance 

    • 6 schools, Approximately 5,000 students

    • 311 teachers

    • 257 non-instructional employees

    • After School Enrichment Programs for 317 students

    • Schools, teachers, staff, and students compete for and succeed at dozens of state, national, and      international athletic and academic competitions annually

    • Approximately 3,000 community volunteers serving students and schools

    • Business partners in all industries including retail, medical, communication, hospitality, and construction

    • Fully accredited Adult Education Program

    • Transportation provided daily for approximately 3,500 students


    Baker County School District Directory of Services




Baker County, Florida